Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Each Age level Is a New Challenge

Each age level is a new challenge when it came to the children we worked with at St Mary's. The PRE K students were challenging at times but challenging in a different way compared to the older kids. The older children were difficult to keep under control and interested in the games they were playing, where as the PRE K children were more difficult when it came to explaining games. We had to make them simple but fun and easy for them to play. The more difficult or the longer it took to explain things the less interested and harder it was for the children to preform or understand what they were doing in the game. Simple games and simple instructions went a long way with the children because all they wanted to do was have fun and play games.

The Preschool children loved games such as the obstacle courses like the one above. They were age appropriate for all ages including Pre K because, they were simple rules and constantly kept them moving and involved. Another part of the obstacle was the decorations and props, this made the children use their imaginations and become more involved in the course that we were providing for them.

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