Monday, October 27, 2008

Teaching Is a Learning Experience

At St. Mary's I learned that as a teacher you are not the only one who is doing the teaching. What i mean by this is that you can learn so much from those you are teaching, and that they will help you learn better ways to be a successful educator. Someone who I feel has learned from those he has taught is Dr. John R. Passarini. He has learned something from each of the children he has worked with, and at the same time he has taught each and everyone of them something at the same time. This has inspired me to take in every experience you have with the children you work with.

While working at St Mary's I learned what games to play and which ones not to play. The games we played were almost always appropriate for the students at St. Mary’s, however, sometimes they were not age appropriate which taught me that I needed to prepare new games. I needed to find age appropriate games because, the younger students skills were not up to the level that was needed to play certain games which made things challenging.For example, when first starting out at St. Mary’s it was very hard to come up with games that the preschooler’s were able to play. As time went on and after seeing which games worked and which ones did not, it became a lot easier to think of games that they would enjoy and like to play, but at the same time would work.

Another important thing I learned was, when playing tag games or games where the children come in contact with each other, you have to set rules as to what is the right way to tag another child or touch them. I have learned that little things like these, play a large role in your success with the children.

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