Monday, October 13, 2008

Mini Conference

The Mini conference on Friday the 10th, was a very educational experience. While being their I was in charge of giving people directions, however when I had free time I attended a few of the presentations. At these presentations I found many new and interesting ideas of ways to teach children or games to play with them. Each presentation was different and gave me many new ideas. I found the conference to be very interesting and made me want to go to the one at the Turning Stone, so I can learn more and get many more ideas.

At the Mini conference I was able to talk with my high school and elementary physical education teachers who attended the conference. Talking to them gave me a better idea of things to look for and learn at these conferences. Talking to other teachers besides my own was very interesting as well, because they gave me different perspectives and ideas of physical education, other than that of the teachers who I had growing up. Over all I found the Mini-Conference a very educational experience.

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