Monday, October 27, 2008

Learning From Those You're Teaching

Over many lab classes I have learned that not only do you teach the children, but they teach you as well. The children will show you or tell you what games they like or dislike, by their reactions of excitement or disappointment. They will also let you know that they enjoy games that are simple and right to the point, rather than confusing games with many instructions. While talking to some of the children during their snack time I learned that on days such as today when they did not receive recess, they want to enjoy after school and play games that are fun and creative. Making simple motor skills such as dribbling and kicking can be challenging to put into games, however when you are creative and use them in different challenging ways the children find them more enjoyable. For Example...

Creative games such as the obstacle courses, are really fun for the children of almost all ages because it give them a chance to use their imagination along with running around and having fun. Obstacle courses keep the kids interested when they involve different tasks and challenges because the children constantly have to try something new which keeps them interested. Keeping the children's attention and interest in activities is half the battle with being successful.

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